Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Found Poem

A poem I built with the first and last word of every chapter in one of my unpublished manuscripts. The words are in bold and are in order. anything in brackets--[]--I added to the "found" words. Punctuation was also added.


First and Last

I Time my heartbeats
The Grandparents can't hear
My Field of vision narrows
Run Metal to the edge of the wall
My Dad is still gone
Xavier All over again
An Ugh escapes my lips
Total Out the final score
Quiet Back[s] into my soul
It[s] Luxury wraps around me
It Started.
M[is]s You
The Thought
The... Anyway
100[%] All
or nothing
The Ruffians laugh and point
Well Into the night
I Was alone
The Detention didn't matter
To Homework I turned for escape
Studying YA won't help me write MG
Someone This quiet will never know
Give It time
The More I think the more I want it
As Freedom is wanted
This Along the road, the path ahead.
will come.
will come.
I Back into myself.
The Triumphantly sounding morning dawns
A Dismissed night fades away
The Go[ng] sounds.
Time to wake.


  1. Love it! I'm sort of wanting to do one too... if I had the time. You may have just started a pitch contest tradtion!!!

  2. There are some great lines in this piece. Thanks for sharing!