My Rating/Reviewing MO

Below is a description of my personal definition of the five star rating as well as other points and tidbits about how I rate and review books.


I always give my honest and personal opinion about the book from both a reader and a writers point of view. My opinions are not professional, they are subjective.

The Stars

one star I hated it and/or could not even finish it.
one starone star It was okay, but not great.
one starone starone star I liked it and enjoyed reading it.
one starone starone starone star I loved it!
one starone starone starone starone star Reserved for my all time favorite books. The ones that I will read over and over and/or changed me in some way.

Other Notes

I don't like swearing or explicit content. Books will lose stars for this.

My preferred genre's are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and some types of Non-Fiction. I am not likely to rate books in genre's I don't like very high.

I like what I like and I can't help that.

My opinion of a series is dependent on the entire series. I still rate each book individually but my feelings are colored by my overall impression of the series. Historically I have awarded an extra star to the first book if I see potential in the first book. However, going forward I will be withholding that star until I finish the series.

I most enjoy reading (and writing) books that are about the characters. I want to care about the character and go on a journey/experience with them.

I have read a lot of fantasy and so I don't often come across plots (or even plot devices) that are unique. However, I don't mind. That is one of the things that I love most about the fantasy genre, that there are so many recognizable elements that are still fresh and new.

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