Friday, December 13, 2013

#CritFest: Krista Wayment

Name or Pen Name: Krista Wayment
Genre: MG Science Fiction
Word Count: approximately 38,000

What you hope your CP will do for you:
I want honest feedback—good and bad. The bad feedback (aka what isn't working) is more helpful to me then the praise. I want comments and corrections all over my MS so it can be its very best.

Why someone would want you to be their CP:
I have lots of opinions and I'm not afraid to share them. I like to give comments about what I am thinking and how I am reacting to the story. I'm good at spotting issues with the flow of the narrative and in appropriate POV shifts. I'll give it to you straight.

I'd love to answer any questions you have about me and my writing. So, hit me with your best one :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

About Me...

I am a (mostly) Middle Grade Fantasy and Science Fiction author.

Right now I am probably typing away at my computer crafting or polishing one of my soon to be masterpieces. I might also be helping my writer friends come up with great taglines and titles (wish the super power would work on my own stuff). I also like to play around with making book covers for my incomplete works :)

You can learn more about my by checking out my website.

Since my website (and event his blog) already have bios on them--I thought I would share some random (hopefully humorous) facts about myself.

1. I'm an introvert and therefore often hide from social interaction. Except when I want to be social then somehow I turn into this uber fun outgoing person. Who knew?

2. When I first read the Prydain Chronicles it was because my roommate recommend them. I remember getting to the end of a particularly emotional chapter which ended with the question of whether or not one of my favorite characters was going to survive. Instead of reading on--I paused to find my roommate and inform her that if the character died I would never speak to her again. Two paragraphs into the next chapter I found out the character was okay. I found my roommate again and told her--"We're good, he's okay." Yeah--I'm that into reading :)

3. I've read my favorite book The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley like seven times. And my first attempt at a novel--may or may not have been my version of it :)

4. I skipped reading Middle Grade when I was kid. I basically went straight to Adult because that was where the good Science Fiction and Fantasy one. Rediscovered the age group as an adult. I loved it so much I thought I would take a crack at writing. And you know what--I love that too.

5. I'm funny about numbers. I like even numbers, 3 and it's multiples, 5 and it's multiples. I'm not a big fan of prime numbers--except seven. It causes me a little heartburn when it comes to the numbers of chapters in my work. But I'm getting over it (not really but I like to pretend).

And on that note I think I will stop before I land on a number of interesting facts that isn't one of my fav numbers.

Any quirky questions you want to ask me?

An Explination

You may have noticed that my blog has gone a little stale. That's because I am focusing on writing. At some point I would like to re-envision my blog--but that will have to wait for a little while until life settles down.

Here are some things that are going on with my writing right now:
1. My MG Fantasy has been submitted to several agents and one publisher. Still waiting to hear.
2. My MG Science Fiction has been entered in Pitch Wars. I find out Wednesday if I made it.
3. My next project on the list is an MG Fantasy for girls. Don't want to give away too much--but the narrator is a cat.
4. My next next project will probably be a YA Science Fiction for girls with a anime feel to it.

I hope to be able to post every once in a while with updates. On the mean time check out my website: