Sunday, December 8, 2013

About Me...

I am a (mostly) Middle Grade Fantasy and Science Fiction author.

Right now I am probably typing away at my computer crafting or polishing one of my soon to be masterpieces. I might also be helping my writer friends come up with great taglines and titles (wish the super power would work on my own stuff). I also like to play around with making book covers for my incomplete works :)

You can learn more about my by checking out my website.

Since my website (and event his blog) already have bios on them--I thought I would share some random (hopefully humorous) facts about myself.

1. I'm an introvert and therefore often hide from social interaction. Except when I want to be social then somehow I turn into this uber fun outgoing person. Who knew?

2. When I first read the Prydain Chronicles it was because my roommate recommend them. I remember getting to the end of a particularly emotional chapter which ended with the question of whether or not one of my favorite characters was going to survive. Instead of reading on--I paused to find my roommate and inform her that if the character died I would never speak to her again. Two paragraphs into the next chapter I found out the character was okay. I found my roommate again and told her--"We're good, he's okay." Yeah--I'm that into reading :)

3. I've read my favorite book The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley like seven times. And my first attempt at a novel--may or may not have been my version of it :)

4. I skipped reading Middle Grade when I was kid. I basically went straight to Adult because that was where the good Science Fiction and Fantasy one. Rediscovered the age group as an adult. I loved it so much I thought I would take a crack at writing. And you know what--I love that too.

5. I'm funny about numbers. I like even numbers, 3 and it's multiples, 5 and it's multiples. I'm not a big fan of prime numbers--except seven. It causes me a little heartburn when it comes to the numbers of chapters in my work. But I'm getting over it (not really but I like to pretend).

And on that note I think I will stop before I land on a number of interesting facts that isn't one of my fav numbers.

Any quirky questions you want to ask me?

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