Write. Be.


Write. Be. Is a writer's group I started in an attempt to inspire others to be confident in who they are as writers. The idea was originally sparked by Nicole at Write Me A World in response to my post I Am Not an Insecure Writer.


In my humble opinion the first step to becoming a great writer is to: be confident in who you are as a writer. Throughout my adventures in the blogverse I have come in contact with so many writers who doubt themselves - who hide in a corner because their fears keep them trapped there. I want to reach out and pull them out of the shadows. Often the only thing these writers lack is confidence.

Write. Be. is meant to be a way for writers to connect and come together in a way that boosts our own confidence as well as those around them.


Write. Be. is for any writer who either is, or isn't, confident in their "self." Come join and share your confidence, or learn it from those who have trod the path ahead of you.


On the second Friday of every month I, and any others who see fit to join my little group, will post a confidence building post on their blog. We will link up all of our posts on the Write. Be. blog.


The Write. Be. blog.

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