My Goals

Writing: Three of Ivory, a fantasy series
  1. Write 2 pages every week day.
  2. Every three chapters 
    1. Go back and fill in any minor details I skipped over to keep my rhythm.
    2. Do a high level edit.
    3. Give to Critique group (after they finish Shadowed Stones).
Editing: Shadowed Stones, a fantasy novel
  1. Stay caught up on critique notes and changes.
  2. Wait patiently to hear back from Shadow Mountain Publishing.
  3. When it gets close to time to submit to the next publisher - start getting the next submission packet ready.
  1. Re-read one book every month. Than review it on Good Reads.
  2. Read one new (to me) book every month. Review on Good Reads, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.
  1. Review/Critique 20 paged a week.