Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Mighty Pen #1

I have to give credit to my husband, because this was his idea. Every Thursday I am going to post the beginning of a story and it is your job (or pleasure if you will) to finish the story. Post your submission and will select a winner. The winner will receive the Mighty Pen award and be featured on my blog.

I will announce the winner the following week. Since there is no winner from last week I will get straight to the beginning of this weeks story.

The Beginning

Tap, Tap. The sound of knuckles tapping against the door startled her, though she intently awaited it. Slowly, she stood and smoothed out the folds of her dress. Crossing the room she laid her hand on the door handle.

Fear seized her, refusing to allow her to open the door. This must be. She told herself again. This must be.

Hot tears fell down her cheeks following the same path as all those that came before. There was no use escaping her fate.

"This must be." She whispered to the door. Then slowly she opened the door…


  1. .... and peered into the eyes of the sweaty, scruffy looking dog catcher. It was the same very Tuesday. Her dog Henry would escape during their daily walk and run a muck around the neighborhood, worrying her to tears. The old dog-catcher Lyle, opened the door for her a little wider and let Henry slip back in the door. She closed the door, not smiling or saying thank you for she never spoke to anyone, but Henry in the darkness of her home as she waited for the day to end and another to come. It was always silence that spoke from her lips of appreciate, yet they never moved.

    She scooped up the little muddy golden retriever and carried him to the bathroom for his daily bath and hummed softly to herself, thinking of the day that no one would have to speak to her. Henry wouldn't escape and she could live in solitude as she wished.

    I love this idea! :)

  2. Krista, I love your ending! One of the things I love about doing something like this is seeing how other people see things!

  3. Thanks! :) I like seeing how people end things too. I might have to try this (or something similar) on my blog! :)