Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eureka! or Rambling Solves Everything

Last night I asked my husband if he would be an Alpha reader for my current WIP. He agreed. And then he admit that he actually found my current WIP interesting - as opposed to my list novel which he did not enjoy.

I was ecstatic and told him that I like this new idea better too. I then started to ramble on about how much I love writing MG and how much more fun it is to write. How much I liking this new WIP better than Shadowed Stones.

And then I said something that surprised me (I often do that.)

I said: "I am thinking of re-writing Shadowed Stones to be Middle Grade."


Yes that popped out of my mouth before I really had time to process it in my head. And then I processed it and it was amazing!

I now have this flood of ideas on how to completely re-write Shadowed Stones and make it a million times better. I am so excited! But don't worry - my current WIP is still more interesting to me and so I will continue working on it.

Isn't it amazing how rambling removes the filter between your brain and mouth? Although usually that spells disaster for me - in this case it solved everything. Sigh. Yeah!

Has rambling ever fixed one of your problems?


  1. That's a cool idea! I hope changing it to MG goes well and keep working on your WIP. :)

  2. That's great! Isn't it funny how that missing piece sometimes suddenly pops into your head?