Monday, March 18, 2013

Wisdom from a Writing Conferences: Essentials of Middle Grade

Jennifer Nielsen presented on the essentials of middle grade novels at the LDSStoryMakers conference.

What I Learned:

I can write middle grade. In fact my current WIP is a middle grade novel. The most important thing I learned is middle grade readers to not need to be talked down to or coddled. They can read about adult issue at a high reading level. Take for example that many middle grade readers are reading The Hunger Games.

How I Plan to Apply It:

I have decided to try my had at middle grade. It is a level that I kind of skipped over when I was that age. Of course that was probably because most fantasy and science fiction novels were in the adult section. I have read some middle grade novels recently and fell in love with it.

If all goes well - I may permanently be a middle grade writer :)


  1. I love middle grade! I bet you'll discover some good reads.

  2. You're doing great with it! I skipped reading middle grade too. The more interesting book were young adult and I always read at a higher reading level. :)