Friday, October 5, 2012

Never Give Up - Never Surrender.... or I'm Back!

So finally - after a long break I am ready to bust back onto the blogging scene. But I am going to do things a little differently this time.

Gone are the days where I can schedule my life enough to blog every day and in fact having a regular blogging schedule probably won't work at all. So here is what I plan to do:

- I want to blog about three times a week
- I will keep one regular post - A monthly post for Write. Be. which will start next Friday.
- I want to finish up what I started with the wisdom from a writing conference series. Probably will do one entry a month on a regular day until I finish up.
- I want the rest of my blog posts to be more... raw. More me. So be prepared!


  1. Welcome back! Love the idea of your Write. Be. posts. If you ever need a guest blogger, def let me know.

  2. Welcome back!! :) Sounds like a good blogging plan to me! :)