Friday, June 21, 2013

101 Ways to Avoid Writing

  1. Outline a new shiny idea
  2. Look for stock photos for the cover
  3. Make a cover
  4. Build a book website
  5. Build an author website
  6. Revamp your blog
  7. Make a post about ways to avoid writing
  8. Do beta reading
  9. Check Facebook
  10. Make another cover
  11. Draw a map
  12. Make a name generator
  13. Check Facebook again
  14. Make a glossary 
  15. Write character bio's for any and all characters mentioned in your book
  16. Day dream about book two
  17. Make another cover
  18. Check Facebook again
  19. Log into twitter
  20. Make a quiz
  21. Update your to be read list on Goodreads
  22. Make a book trailer
  23. Vote on lists on Goodreads
  24. Look at covers on Goodreads
  25. Make another cover
  26. Outline another shiny new idea
  27. Check Facebook again
  28. Tweak your book trailer
  29. Look up agents
  30. Write a short story to submit to an anthology or magazine
  31. Talk with writerly friends
  32. Brainstorm ideas for writerly friends' projects
  33. Start a list of shiny new ideas
  34. Make a book cover for your shiny new idea
  35. Make a title page
  36. Research making your own font
  37. Try to make your own font
  38. Check Facebook again
  39. Read a book
  40. Watch lectures on YouTube about writing
  41. Look up old writer friends on Facebook
  42. Research stuff on Google related to a different project
  43. Research self publishing
  44. Look up publishers
  45. Celebrate a fellow authors success (happy dances may be required)
  46. Read a book to your kids
  47. Draw a picture of a dragon
  48. Check Facebook again
  49. Revamp your Facebook author page
  50. Change your online profile picture
  51. Make another book cover
  52. Start writing a children's book series
  53. Research cover artists online
  54. Look for a professional editor
  55. Do more beta reading
  56. Join another critique group
  57. Look into writing conferences
  58. Attend a writing conference
  59. Stair at your keyboard
  60. Make a list of steps you need to take to finish your book
  61. Write your "About the Author" page
  62. Write your book blurb
  63. Write a query
  64. Compose your dedication page
  65. Make another cover
  66. Browse the covers on
  67. Check Facebook again
  68. Tweet something about writing
  69. Think up a new idea for a blog about dragons
  70. Design your blog about dragons
  71. Write a blog post about something writing related, like critique groups
  72. Make cupcakes
  73. Eat cupcakes
  74. Check Facebook again
  75. Make a plan to get the next chapter done
  76. Stair at keyboard
  77. Finish the obligations that keep distracting you from writing
  78. Do more beta reading
  79. Discuss what you have been writing with your spouse
  80. Discuss what you have been reading with your spouse
  81. Make up a character based on someone you know
  82. Make pen names from anagrams
  83. Play around with story and name generators you find on the internet
  84. Plan out blog posts for the next year
  85. Avoid writing blog posts by checking Facebook again
  86. Take a nap
  87. Research medieval weapons of war
  88. Figure out how to make the dream you had last night into a book
  89. Look for pictures of your main characters
  90. Look up a place you would like to visit on Google Earth
  91. Turn off your computer and search for your note book
  92. Turn the computer back on so you can check Facebook
  93. And you might as well check Twitter too
  94. Make a Pintrest board for your book
  95. Make a Pintrest board of book covers
  96. Make another book cover
  97. Decide to do your own cover art
  98. Research cover artists online
  99. Reorganize or rearrange your writing work space
  100. Make a wish list of books on Amazon
  101. Check Facebook one more time


  1. Sadly, I think I have done almost all of these while trying to avoid writing, but actually get some writing done. :)

  2. Haha - I have done waaay too many of these. :)