Monday, June 3, 2013

Some Randomness about Numbers

I have this little quirk. I am weird about numbers. I like certain numbers and hate other numbers.

Numbers I like

  • Even Numbers
  • 5
  • Multiples of 5
  • Numbers with 8 in them
  • 3
  • Multiples of 3

Numbers I don't Like

  • Any number that does not fall into the above parameters
  • Numbers that have all the same digit. Like 22, 33, 444 and so on
  • Numbers that end with 3
  • Any other number I decide not to like

So now that you know this totally random and inconsequential (although hopefully interesting) tidbit about myself -

Do you have any little quirks?


  1. Ha - I think we all have these little quirks. I am very picky about how my bookshelves are organized. ;)

  2. Quirks are what makes people awesome. Although I always feel awkward when I say something about a quirk, assuming everyone has it, and then they don't. ;)