Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Three Words #37

One of my favorite writing games is something I call three words. I post three words and encourage you to write a flash fiction piece containing those three words. If you would like to challenge me – post three words for me and next week I will post a piece of flash fiction using your words. Enjoy!

Three Words

  • Hang
  • Untranslatable
  • Widower

Flash Fiction

Using the three words: Eagle, Errand, and Error (from last week.)

"Maple, I have a an errand for you," Sir Riken the Head Messenger said.

Maple stood and snapped to attention. A small thrill ran up her back. An errand from the Head Messenger. "Yes, sir!" she exclaimed.

He handed her a single page folded and sealed with blue wax. Maple's eye flitted to the imprint in the wax, the image of an eagle flying over a rising sun. The royal seal. Maple managed not to sequel with excitement - just barely.

"Deliver this message." the Head Messenger told her.

"To whom?" Maple asked.

The Head Messenger handed her another, smaller, piece of sealed paper. "Everything you need to know is in here."

Maple nodded, saluted, and then ran from the assembly hall.

As she turned around the corner heading from the front doors she heard a voice from behind her. "I hope you have not chosen her in error, Riken."

"Maple will not let us down," came Riken's answer.


  1. I love it! You fit those three words in there so well-- I wouldn't have been able to pick them out if you hadn't told me what they were!

  2. SQUEE!! I love this idea, and it may be just what I need to get me out of my WHAT-DO-I-DO-WITH-MYSELF-SINCE-I-JUST-COMPLETED-MY-WIP-Funk!! I'll get back to you with my flash!!