Friday, June 1, 2012

Blog Birthday and Some Changes

Okay - so it is not the actual birth "day" of my blog - but is the birth month. And in honor of making it a whole year of blogging (*yikes*) I would like to change things up.

First of all I am going to change things up. I am going down to posting two - two times a week. On Mondays I will post general thoughts and gabbering. Friday's will be... a surprise :) I am going to try a series of experiments, so be sure to tune in to see what I have planned.

You may be asking yourself why I am cutting back. Well I have two reasons - one is I need more time to work on my actual writing. Two is that I just like change.

Well - that is all have to say for now. Tune in on Monday for more wisdom from the writing conference I attended in May. And next Friday will be the first surprise!

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