Monday, June 25, 2012

Wisdom from a Writer's Conference: Keynote

Kevin J. Anderson gave the keynote address at the LDStoryMakers conferences was:

What I learned:

Kevin J. Anderson is awesome! Okay - I already knew that since I read his Star Wars books when I was a teenager.

He talked about two ways of making popcorn. One was long and elaborate and involved popping one kernel at a time. The other was put a bunch of oil in the pan and a bunch of popcorn. The point was you never know where your opportunities for success will come from. Do a lot. Do everything. Always answer with: "I can do that!"

How I Plan to Apply it:

I focused for ten years on one project. That was way to long. Now I have decided to try and do either multiple things at once - or only spend a little of time on every project. The important thing is to be doing something.

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