Friday, June 29, 2012

My Random though for this Month

Are there too many writers?

I read a blog post or something somewhere once that asked if there was such thing as too many writers or too many books. I believe at the core of the question was if the market for books would ever be over saturated with books. If too many authors meant not enough wealth or readers to go around.

My response. Ahem... movies? TV?

Can you imagine if people stopped making new movies or new tv shows? It has all been done on the screen after all. Won't people get board? No. Why? Because although we love to revisit old favorites - we also like to see something new. Even if we have already seen the story before. For example remakes. If people were likely to get board - there would be no such thing as remakes.

We all see the world differently. Each writer has in them an hundred different stories - combine all the stories in all the writers that ever have, are, or will live and no two are exactly the same. They may be similar - but not the same. I would love to read every single story - every single book.

What do you think?


  1. I definitely don't think there can be too many writers or too many books. It just gives us a lot more options for great reading. It also makes it tougher to get published probably but that comes with it.

  2. I don't think there can be too many writers. After all, most of us writers are also readers...and we read much faster than we write. :)

  3. I agree with Leslie and Nicole.

    On another note, thank you for the Versatile Blogger Award you gave me a thousand years ago, I've mentioned it in my new post.

  4. Good question. I asked myself a few weeks back the same question but I came to the conclusion that having too much writer's is not a problem, it's the lack of storyline's that are unique that is a problem because I am starting to think it's all been done!
    I think there are far too much tv programmes and as for films, they are terrible nowadays and that's because they have ran out of fresh script!

  5. Thanks for all your thoughts! I loving hearing other peoples points of view.