Friday, November 4, 2011

Goals Update and Awards

First, a quick update on my goals. Everything is going good. I have not made much forward movement on TOI but I am not discouraged. Not a detailed update but I don't have much to report his week :)

Now, onto the award. I have received another blog award from the loverly Melissa. Thank you Melissa. I also received the same award from the stunning Ashley. Thank you Ashley :)

It is now my honor to pass this award onto 15 wonderful bloggers.

  1. Heidi at Then She Writes
  2. Tirzah at A Clever Whatever
  3. Julie at Musings from the Slush Pile
  4. Lisa from A Paranormal Point of View
  5. Laura from Read, Write....Rocking Chair
  6. Rebecca at Rebecca Kiel Pages
  7. Being the Writer
  8. Ara at The Rookie Scrivener
  9. Ciara from at Somebody Has to Say It
  10. A.E. Marling at The Importance of the Impossible
  11. Christine at The Writer Coaster
  12. Marion from Visions and Revisions
  13. Jody at Jody Hedlund
  14. R.C. Lewis at Crossing the Helix
  15. MB at Key Storkes and Word Counts

I also received the Versatile Blogger award from the wonderful Ellie at Path to Happiness. Since I just received this award last week I am going to sit on passing it on for now. But thank you Ellie!


  1. Thank you Krista for this award. I graciously accept and will begin compiling a list of worthy bloggers to pass on the award. As always, bribes are accepted.

  2. So sweet of you to pass it to me! Thank you. I'm glad you like my blog.

  3. Thank you, Krista. It's so nice to be called out like this. And congratulations to you as well. Wow! You can make a tapestry of all your awards :) Thanks again. It means a lot to me.

  4. Thank you for the award! I'm honored you thought of me! Have a great weekend!


  5. Thank you so much for the award!