Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Three Words #23

One of my favorite writing games is something I call three words. I post three words and encourage you to write a flash fiction piece containing those three words. If you would like to challenge me – post three words for me and next week I will post a piece of flash fiction using your words. Enjoy!

Three Words

  • Petal
  • Breeze
  • Page

Flash Fiction

Using the three words: Keyboard, Loaf, and Cloud (from last week)

The cloud drifted through the sky like a whimsical bunny hopping through the forest...

I blinked and looked down at the my fingers where they rested on the keyboard, then back up at the screen. Did I really just write that? A whimsical bunny? Really?

In frustration I attack the backspace key and obliterate the offending sentence. Now where was I?

The hill rose out of the mountain like a loaf of bread.

Okay I stink at similes.


  1. There is something therapeutic -- even obviously spiritual -- about watching jacaranda petals drift slowly to the floor. I find it easier to lose myself on those cool autumn breezes than to get out of bed.

    It's getting harder every day...

    Then, I turn, and see her face. She's like my own jacaranda tree. "Hello, Page."

    She smiled back. "Time for your medication."

    "Already? Okay, okay."

  2. Hi, Krista! Oh, I love a challenge.

    How about:


    I'll check back. *g*

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves

  3. @Ken -- Wow! That was powerful.

    @Joan -- Thanks! I will use your words in next Wednesday's post :)

  4. Thanks, Krista... I think I was inspired... Or, maybe it's because I got 8 hours sleep? :)