Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Three Words #24

One of my favorite writing games is something I call three words. I post three words and encourage you to write a flash fiction piece containing those three words. If you would like to challenge me – post three words for me and next week I will post a piece of flash fiction using your words. Enjoy!

Three Words

  • Holly
  • Tree
  • Snow

Flash Fiction

Using the three words: Mobilization, Tofu, and Knights (from Joan Reeves)

It was not until the winter of 2314 that the Republic of Earth took action against the Coalition of Mars. Some say the troop mobilization was too little too late. Others say the Republic of Earth allowed the defection of the Mars colonies in order too..

Samantha's eyes drooped close and her head fell off its perch atop her fist.

"Ugh," she grunted in frustration. "Why is history so boring?" She tapped the screen of her tablet and closed her textbook. Skimming through the other reading assignments in her homework queue she picked something that sounded more interesting - The Knights of Old Earth.

The Knights of Old Earth is an organization of men and women dedicated to the study and practice of ancient codes. In Earth's distant history the Knights were a class of people that were honorable and well trained in the art of war...

"Still boring," Samantha said to herself and gave up on homework. "House!" she called and there was an answering series of beeps. "What do we have in the fridge?"

A computerized female voice answered, "Three-fourths of a gallon of milk. One package of tofu. Three oranges. Half a loaf of bread. A jar of..."

"Never mind," Samantha said, cutting off the list. "Just order me a pizza."


  1. Interesting flash fc! I need to get back to writing. Might as well participate in your challenges, they sound fun! (:

  2. lol! I'll keep with your Christmas idea and give you three words. Candle, Carolers, and Christmas trees :)

  3. The more things change, the more they stay the same :-)