Friday, December 23, 2011

Making My Way Back to Being on Track

So the past month has been pretty much a bust as far as my goals go. But I am slowly making my way back to being on track.

Last night, after meeting with my amazing critique group - I was finally able to break through my writing block and get some work done on my WIP - TOI.I finished chapter two and got a start on chapter three. With this book I have been trying a different outlining approach. With Shadowed Stones I had a detailed scene by scene outline which I stuck pretty close to. This time I am using a more general outline and allowing myself a little more freedom.

One thing that is going well for me is I am almost caught up with critiquing. And I am all caught up on reviewing the critique notes I have received for Shadowed Stones.

However, my reading has been severely lacking the past month. I am hoping to get some time to relax and read since I have two four day weekends in a row.

Do you find that your writing goals suffer during the holidays?


  1. My goals definitely suffer. I try not to make any from Thanksgiving through Christmas, but I do feel badly when I don't do anything.

  2. I'm glad that things are back on track. My reading has actually been better than my writing. I've read all three of "The Hunger Games" in four days. Awesome books! It was relaxing to have time to read again. :)

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. i barely had time to sneeze and felt as if i was ignoring my new friends and fellow bloggers. I have missed being able to read their thoughts and have missed the interaction. An amazing group of people is right.