Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Mighty Pen #11

The Mighty Pen flash fiction contest is a just for fun writing contest (inspired by my wonderful husband). I post the beginning of a story – and you post an end! I will choose a winner and several honorable mentions. The contest is open until Sunday night and the winner is announce on Monday where I feature them on my blog. Check out past winners on the tab above.

Note: This is a family friendly blog – so please keep it PG rated. Thanks!

My good bloggerly friend CherylAnne Ham has a similar contest on her blog. So when you are done here, hope over and check out her Flashtastic contest.

The Beginning

The mountain erupted in a flurry of dragon wings...


  1. The mountain erupted in a flurry of dragon wings, at least they looked like dragon wings. As a fairy, I could only flutter so fast to find out what all the hype was about. As I flew towards the flurry, I realized it was not dragon wings, but huge giant fairy eating bats!
    I made a flying U-turn and ducked into a knot in the closest tree as the bats flapped by.

  2. Summer, I like your ending. Hope the fairy gets away from the bat!

  3. Hi Krista! I gave you an award on my blog today so be sure to come check it out :)