Monday, September 12, 2011

Wonderful Monday Awards

First and foremost - it is time to announce the winner of last weeks Mighty Pen award...

Summer Ross

Summer has a really great blog over at My Inner Fairy, stop by and take a look. It is all about her and writing and all great things. A side note - I love her profile picture with the green fairy. Awesome!

Don’t forget to hop over to CherylAnne Ham’s blog to find out who won the Flashtastic competition. Check out previous winners on the tab above.

And now - I have received another award - the 7X7 Link award from the lovely Abby.

Here is how it works - the winner has to share 1 of their own blog posts in the seven categories below. And then of course pass the award along to other great bloggers!

Blog Post Links

  • Most Beautiful: Sharing the Love, because it has a lot of pretty blog awards on it which I got to share with a lot of people.
  • Most Helpful: Goal Update, I thought this one would be easy. I was wrong. I settled on this post because I listed things that I do when world building and got some good comments on it. Some other blog posts I think are helpful are: Monday Madness, Using Layered Gimp Images for Status, and Maps and Stories
  • Most Popular: The Mighty Pen #6, which has received the most page views as of today. The Mighty Pen contest is one of my favorite things I do on my blog. It is so much fun!
  • Most Controversial: I Have Made a Decision, I had a hard time with this one. This is not really a controversial post - but is the one where I announce which path to publication I have decided to take.
  • Most Surprisingly Successful: The Mighty Pen #7, this contest prompt inspired my friend Krista M to start writing a whole fantasy novel! Not something I ever expected to happen. But a great success for me since part of my blog is to inspire others to write.
  • Most Underrated: I Know You, a Poem, I think this poem I wrote is very funny. I wrote it on a whim and really like the way it turned out.
  • Most Prideworthy: Success, because of the success I achieved in reaching goals - and because of the good feeling it gave me to be able to report my success.

7x7 Link Award Recipients


  1. Very fun! I just posted a comment on another post and it said it need approval. Just thought I would tell you if you didn't know :)

  2. Thanks for that. Like you wrote in your post I Have Made A Decision, I'm not against self-publishing, but I want to go the traditional route first to see if I can do it. There does seem to be some merit to running the gauntlet and coming out the other side a published author, so we'll see...

    Thanks again. I love the idea of the 7 X 7 award. Great way to highlight overlooked posts.

  3. What an interesting award! Congratulations :-)

  4. Thanks for the award! I've never gotten this one before.

  5. Thank you SO much for the award, Krista! And thanks for telling me about it. I'm running around like crazy these days, and I would have been really sad to have missed it. Thanks again!! Can't wait to do this one :)

  6. I agree with the successful post too. :) I didn't know it would become a full novel, but it will be. :) Thanks for posting that! Really, thanks!