Monday, September 26, 2011

Mighty Pen Winner

I am proud to announce this weeks winner of The Mighty Pen award...

Krista M

Krista is a great friend of mine and has a blog called The Jelly Beans of Writing. Krista has written a few novels that she is querying. And I happen to have insider information that she is working on another one. I am totally excited about it. It's a fantasy novel and I was lucky enough to get to read some of it. Like I said, I am total excited about it! So congrats to Krista for winning this award and all her hard work at writing.

Don’t forget to hop over to CherylAnne Ham’s blog and check out her Flashtastic competition. Also, check out previous Might Pen winners on the tab above.


  1. I'm a horrible blog follower. I didn't realize that you did a competition here. Once things settle down I'll have to participate. Flash fiction challenges are a blast.