Monday, January 23, 2012

Contemplating My Writing Process

For those of you who may not know - my first novel took me ten years to write. I started it in high school and finished it last year. So - while I think I have my style and voice down - my writing process is still in flux.

With my current WIP I had determined to just push through and write the whole first draft without going back to fix things. My plan was just to make a note when something needed to be fixed, changed, or filled in. First of all, I did go back. Second, I plan to go back and rewrite chapter three.


Well I found that with little things like picking names, world building elements, or pieces of scenes that needed to be changed or fixed - I could keep going. But then I hit chapter three. I have already rewritten it twice and I plan to rewrite it again. I just could not move on.

For me writing is very sequential. It's like reading a book or watching a movie. I follow the plot in my head and watch my characters grow and change. I just could not move on because I knew that a proper foundation had not been laid.

It does not really bother me. I don't really think having a ridged writing process works for me. So my new new writing plan is to push ahead unless I feel like I can't move on until the problem is fixed.

Do you find that your writing process changes and shifts a lot? Or is it an every changing thing?


  1. I feel like my writing process doesn't really change a lot, but I have to be motivated to actually write and I have to have boundaries. If I don't have a goal of when I want something finished, I'll never get to it.

    Everyone has a different writing style and I think that's great. My advice - just keep swimming. :) You can do it.

  2. I try really hard to just push through and ignore the edits that nag at me. Sometimes though, when I've stepped away for too long and forget where I've left off, I have to go back and re-read some, which usually results in some editing.

    I think you're the writer. As your blog title suggests, YOU take the pen. Do whatever works for you! :)

  3. The first part of my writing process - the first draft - doesn't change, but other stuff does. The amount of notes I write beforehand, for instance, never seems to be the same twice!

    1. I am thinking that once I settle into a writing process I will probably be much the same :)

  4. I also have a long writing time - took me six years to draft and edit my first WIP. Since then, I've noticed my editing time has gone way down with each new WIP. My goal this year is to crank out a rough draft of my new idea in about 3 months. You're absolutely right that everyone has their own pace and approach. Good luck!