Monday, January 9, 2012

Looking Forward to Rejection

So, my book has been in the hands (or more likely sitting in a pile somewhere in a dark closet) of a publisher for well over a month now. And you know what I keep thinking?

I can't wait to get my rejection letter.

Mental, I know! But in my own defense it caught be off guard as well. Do I want to be rejected? No. Realistically though I think I will be. It's not sad - it's just true. But for me having that letter in my hand will make it all feel real.

Right now it does not feel real at all. I have this vague memory of putting my query packet together. Of sealing the envelope. And of driving to the post office and mailing it. Right now it all feels very dream like. Very surreal.

So having the envelope in my hands - even if the contents is a rejections - will make it seem real to me.

The other thing that surprises me is I am not afraid of being rejected. I suppose it is because through the years I have developed a philosophy that I cannot define myself by what others think of me. I try to live my life by it - but frankly I am surprised that it is going so well in this instance.

Am I insane to be looking forward to being rejected? Are you afraid of rejection? Why or why not?


  1. A little insane, but I think we need that as writers! I look forward to rejection letters that actually tell me why my story was rejected. I use to be afraid of rejection, but I've developed a tougher skin. It's a learning process. It pushes me to be better.

  2. Good for you not to be afraid of rejection.

    I think I'm more afraid of what a rejection letter might say than the actual rejection. I guess that comes with wanting to over-analyze things. Plus, I'm worried they'll tell me this is complete crap or something like that.

  3. I agree with you completely! I know I will have to get through those rejection to finally get the response I'm looking for. Each rejection is one step closer :) Best of luck!!

  4. @Christine - I agree. A little insanity is good for us writers :)

    @Cherie - Over-analyzing *shudders* - no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to keep from doing that.

    @Lillie - Thanks! In the road to publication we all just have to take it one step at a time.

  5. I don't think you're looking for rejection, I think you're looking for a response. I've had my novel in the hands of two editors for over two months now....

    I also am just waiting for a response, no matter what it is...

  6. @Lynn(e)- I think you are right. Any response would be better than silence.

  7. I completely understand. I do that too. I just want to be rejected so I can know, make improvements and move on. I'm that way with things. I try to psych myself out so if it is a "no" then I'm already prepared and it doesn't bother me as much. But if it is a "yes" I feel even better! :)

  8. @Krista - I try to do that too. But, alas, I always hold on to a piece of hope and so I still get my hopes dashed.

  9. I confess, I still hold onto that hope and you never know, it might not be sitting in the publisher's closet. (That is a shady place to keep submissions.) Have a little faith. :)