Friday, January 13, 2012

An Update on My.... SQUIRREL!

So... I have been distracted a little lately so I have not made any progress on my goals.

In all fairness I am all caught up on my critiquing (haven't received anything new in a while) - so technically I am up to date :)

But I haven't gotten much reading done. And as far as writing goes... well zero.

What is distracting me you ask? Well I am redesigning my website (which will also include a make over for my blog! Yeah!). So, that is taking up a lot of time. But I think I am just using that as an excuse to not just sit down and write.

Oh, just thought of another excuse. The external hard drive where I store like ALL my files (manuscripts included) is toast. Don't worry - I was able to back up my data before it crashed completely. But it also means that my files don't come with me to work. So I can't work on my lunch break. Yep, another excuse.

So, I am in the mood for cheering. Tell me one good thing that has happened to you and/or how your goals are going.


  1. One good thing that happened to me, hummm... I got to play Power Grid with you guys! Okay so that was last week. But still good :)

  2. Getting all your critiquing done is great! That was my job this week. One good thing that happened to me is that my switchplates arrived. I have lovely new switchplates and no longer the silly flowery ones that were there when we moved into the house.

  3. I had one of those moments this week, except my computer was toast. I'm glad that I had an eternal hard drive to back things up. :)

    1. Read your post. Funny that we had issues the same week :)