Monday, January 30, 2012

Leadership and Writing, Part 1

Earlier this month my husband took a leadership training class. Two of the things they listed as being essential for a leader were having someone you trust completely and knowing yourself.

The very next day I read Cherie's post about Live What You Believe which struck a similar cord with me.

So, I would like to share my thoughts on trust and self as it relates to writing :)

And because I have a lot to say - I am going to make it a series.


Let's start with trust. Have you ever completely trusted someone? I am a very trusting (read: naive, sheltered, gullible) person. I trust before I distrust except in extreme circumstances.

But I can honestly say that there is only one person I trust complete. First I have to preface this by saying I trust God and Christ more than anything or anyone. But what I am talking about is a person who is in my life who is less than perfect. So who is this person I trust completely?

My husband.

Part of the reason why I trust him so much - is that he is always honest with me. Sure he teases me and pulls my leg a lot (he has fun with the whole gullible thing) - but when it really counts he gives it to me straight. No matter what.

Once I told him about a story idea and he gave me a look and said. "That a stupid idea." Okay - so to be fair he said it much nicer but that was the gist of it. I was like "Oh." But he was right. And I am glad he was honest with me so that I could stop wasting my time on a bad idea. Even better - he has helped me so much with my current WIP. His feedback (and patient listening) has helped me smooth out a lot of plotting issues.

Another reason I trust my husband so much is he respects me, and I can respect him. Through a pattern of interaction he has constantly showed me respect and never done anything that would lessen my respect for him. For example, he loves that I am writing again. And in return for his interest and support - I am showing and interest in football of all things. I am also trying very hard to support him in all his goals and hobbies.

Do you have someone you trust when it comes to your writing? How do you trust them? What do you think builds the foundation of trust between two people.

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  1. I think it's very important to trust your husband and I'm glad that he is honest with you. :) That's a very important quality.

    I admit that I don't trust a lot of people, not close trust. I do give someone the benefit of the doubt and trust until they give me a reason not to, but that can be hard. It can be a little harder for me to trust someone with my writing... my writing is my baby and I don't always trust anyone with it.