Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Three Words #34

One of my favorite writing games is something I call three words. I post three words and encourage you to write a flash fiction piece containing those three words. If you would like to challenge me – post three words for me and next week I will post a piece of flash fiction using your words. Enjoy!

Three Words

  • Candle
  • Call
  • Cast

Flash Fiction

Using the three words: Bubble, Blue, and Bay(from last week.)

The almost transparent blue haze of the bubble floated past her view. Ana blinked and looked up from her wandering thoughts. A cloud of bubbles drifted around her driven by the gentle sea breeze coming off the bay below. Ana reached out her hand and cupped her fingers around one of the fragile bubbles. In it's shining surface she could see the reflection of her haggard eyes and tear stained face.

The bubble burst.

Ana dropped her hands. "How brief your existence is," she whispered to herself as she watched the other bubbles. "How little you must face in the time you have." Ana sighed. "I wish my life were so simple."

There was a knock at her door. Ana straightened and called for the visitor to enter. Lord Morandin, one of her court advisers entered and bowed. "Your Majesty, the prisoners are ready for their sentencing."

Ana closed her eyes. The moment had come. No more time for deliberation. She had only one choice before her. She must sacrifice her own sense of what was just to keep her kingdom intact.

She squared her shoulders. "I am ready."

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