Monday, February 13, 2012

What I learned about writing from I Am Legend

Have you seen the movie I Am Legend? I think it is a great movie. And I actually learned something very important about writing from it.

Some time ago my husband and I rented the movie and watched it together. After the movie we were like - that was pretty good, not the best but good.

Fast forward two weeks later and we were still talking about it. So how did we go from thinking the movie was good to constantly talking about it? Well, the movie makes you think. It doesn't hit you right away. You have to let it sink in and then the wheels start turning.

I looked back over other movies I have seen and books I have read. The ones that have lingered the longest, have been the most memorable, and been my favorites - made me think.

So I learned that making the reader think, presenting them with something that is interesting and thought provoking, is one of the best ways to get a story to stick.

What have you learned about writing from watching movies? Have you read any books that made you think?

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