Friday, October 21, 2011

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

Okay, so I did not totally fail this week. But after the high from last week - I feel a little down about my progress. But please let me explain. Instead of focusing on writing last weekend I played around with blog templates. I finally decided that my pet project was taking too much time so I gave up on that and moved on. I promise to post about what I learned about blog templates though. As soon as I have time to collect my thoughts.

Now, on to my goals:

  • Minor Characters Identified and Characters Sheets filled out for them by Oct. 21st - I have the minor characters identified but I don't have their sheets filled out yet. In my writers group last night I learned that I should not get hung up on the minor details. So I am going to try one more time to name the minor characters - and then move on. I can fill out their sheets later.
  • Characterization scene for each MC written (and critiqued?) by Nov. 4th - Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
  • Detailed outline for first book by Nov. 11th - I have a rough outline of the series - and a slightly less than rough outline for the first book. And I got a start on a chapter-by-chapter outline already. So I am still on track for this.
  • Begin writing first draft by Nov. 1th. - Wow! I am so close to this. Not sure if I am still on track or not. Here is hoping :)

Shadowed Stones editing notes - Yep - I fell behind again. But I plan to catch up this weekend. I have a critique group meeting next Thursday - so I need to get on it.

  • Re-read one book every month. Than review it on Goodreads. - I haven't started reading for this yet. But it is going in my backpack for the ride to work tomorrow.
  • Read one new (to me) book ever month. Review on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel. - I finished reading Destruction from Twins. But I haven't reviewed it yet. I will give you a sneak peak - I had a hard time getting through this book. There was potential and the fictional world was intriguing. But... well let's just say I am trying to find a way to say I did not like it - without being rude. I may only review it on Goodreads.

Review/Critique 10 paged a week. - I slacked on critiquing this week. I thought maybe I could get credit for doing extra last week :) But again my critique group is meeting on Thursday so this will be a focus for this weekend too.

Not an awe inspiring report I know. But I am not completely stalled - which is an improvement.

Now I have a question for you. What is your biggest block to writing? Is it finding time, come up with ideas? What keeps you from putting your pen to paper?


  1. I think for me it's time, and prioritizing time. Once I'm in a writing mode, I can balance critiques and writing very well and it makes me happy. Unfortunately, at that point my house starts to suffer, my kids get their breakfast way too late, and laundry piles up! I want to write another chapter today, finish a critique, and perhaps do some edits. Instead though, I will be cleaning house! And that's okay!

  2. Disorganisation and procrastination. My biggest stumbling blocks to everything :-)

  3. @Sarah -I am such a procrastinator :) It is something I am constantly trying to overcome.

  4. I think my biggest set back when it comes to writing is procrastination and just finding the time to do it. I started writing last spring when I was recovering from surgery, and I didn't get far, because I procrastinated. :/

  5. @Jesse - one thing I have been doing is when I find myself saying -I will do that later -you I do it. It has helpes me a little. Unfortunately not with writing which often has to take a back seat.

  6. I like to pretend that my problem is time, or the inability to focus my brain when I have time. But if I am honest with myself (and you), it is fear. Fear of failure. Nothing more.

  7. I used to be afraid. But then I weighed the risk and pain of failure against the joy of success. I decided to take the risk because for me the reward is worth it.