Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweet Success

I am so excited to report on my goals today. Why? Because I totally rocked them this week! And I owe it all to my wonderful husband who go me up early on Saturday. I was able to get so much done that day! And the organization and good mood lasted the whole week. So this is all thanks to him.

Okay, here it goes:
  • Finish character sheets for my MCs by Oct. 14th. Got this done on Saturday!
  • Rough outline of series complete by Oct. 21st. Done!
  • Outline of Book 1 finished by Nov. 4th. Rough outline done - so that is good enough for me!

Shadowed Stones
  • Stay caught up on critique notes and changes. This is going good for this week!
  • When all critiques are in: do 1 final edit. Still waiting for beta readers to finish. I am patient.
  • While doing the final edit compile an outline. Waiting.
  • Get submission material critiqued. Waiting.
  • Take the plunge. Waiting.

  • Re-read one book every month. Than review it on Good Reads. Haven't started this one yet, but have it picked out.
  • Read one new (to me) book ever month. Review on Good Reads, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel. I am half way through Destruction From Twins.

  • Review/Critique 10 paged a week. Did more like 30 this week. Yea!

Okay - So the only goals that need to be updated are my goals for TOI. So here are my new goals:
  • Minor Characters Identified and Characters Sheets filled out for them by Oct. 21st
  • Characterization scene for each MC written (and critiqued?) by Nov. 4th
  • Detailed outline for first book by Nov. 11th
  • Begin writing first draft by Nov. 12tth

How are your projects going? Did you have a week of success? Or are you struggling?


  1. Congrats on doing so well on your goals! I admit I haven't been getting to my goals, but that's okay. That's really exciting that you got so much done! :)

  2. Thanks, Krista. And hope you get to your goals soon.

  3. Wow, you accomplished so much on one Saturday. You must feel great. I think I would be doing good if I could just come up with as detailed of a goal list as you have accomplished. I can only wish to be so organized.

    I am visiting from Pay it forward. Your blog came highly recommended & I can see why. Count me in as a new loyal follower.

  4. That's great news, you're really rocking those targets. Well done :-)

  5. WHOA - Congrats on knocking those goals out!