Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Three Words #16

One of my favorite writing games is something I call three words. I post three words and encourage you to write a flash fiction piece containing those three words. If you would like to challenge me – post three words for me and next week I will post a piece of flash fiction using your words. Enjoy!

Three Words

  • Door
  • Stem
  • Breeze

Flash Fiction

Using the three words: Sun, Ice, and Hand (from last week)
The sun, a hazy ball of yellow and orange, lifted itself above the horizon. I plunged my hand into the bowl sitting on the table next to me. My fingers found only a single ice cube and small puddle of cold water. I took the ice in my hand and rubbed it along my next, relishing in the chills it send through me. With the sun up the heat would become increasingly intolerable. Our only hope would be to fix the power generators – and thus the climate controls in the building – before we all cooked to death.

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