Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prompt Tuesday #17

Every Tuesday I post a writing prompt and my response. It gives me a chance to exercise my writing muscles outside of my WIP, and hopefully inspire you to write. So enjoy my flash fiction piece and post your own in the comments!


Source: CreativeWritingPrompts.com

#326 - Use this plot in your story: fired from her job after getting the wrong number


I read over my termination notice again. I had gotten the wrong number. How could that be. I had double, even triple checked. The computer said the number was 467-2-1-9. I was sure of it. So when the government official asked me for the override code for the self destruct that is what I told him. 467-2-1-9. Is it my fault that when he entered the incorrect code which resulted in the destruction of 200 Million dollar deep space probe? No.

It was Jake's fault. I told Jake not to create such a complicated algorithm to generate the rotating override code. I told him we had to be able to hand check it to be sure. With the time delay in signal transmission we only had one chance. Then boom. But no. He had to be so clever. 'Computers are never wrong.' He said. Well thanks a lot Jake. Now because the computer that calculated the code rounds up, and the computer that accepts the code rounds down. I am out of a job. And the project has to start all over. Ten years wasted. Thanks a lot Jake.


  1. I like the idea of Promt Tuesday, seems really fun to do...and I know a Jake that would do something along the lines of this, which made this even more fantastic.

  2. I love that. I might have to have a go in a bit :-)

  3. This was so unfair. It wasn't my fault I'd got the number wrong. I mean, sure, the boss had run through the speed dial numbers with me but there were nine of them. How's a girl supposed to keep them all straight?

    I suppose it could be worse though. Yeah, I got fired on my first day, but I heard the boss' wife is suing him for divorce. Still, serves him right. I know I guessed wrong, but what scumbag puts his mistress at the top of the speed dial list, and his wife at number two?