Friday, October 7, 2011

Shifting Goals

So I have decided to revise my goals. Mainly because I have desided to postpone sending SS to publishers. So here is my plan/goals for SS:

1. Stay caught up on critique notes and changes.
2. When all critiques are in: do 1 final edit.
3. While doing the final edit compile an outline.
4. Get submission material critiqued.
5. Take the plunge.

I have also been doing a lot of beta reading and critiquing. So I decided to make a goal for that.

1. Review/Critique 10 paged a week.

And here are my revised reading goals.

1. Re-read one book every month. Than review it on Good Reads.
2. Read one new (to me) book ever month. Review on Good Reads, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.

And last but not least: My goals for my WIP - TOI.

1. Finish character sheets for my MCs by Oct. 14th.
2. Rough outline of series complete by Oct. 21st.
3. Outline of Book 1 finished by Nov. 4th.

That's it. Those are my new and improved goals. I have also updated my status indicators and the My Goals tab.

I have two questions. 1. What are your goals? 2. Would you like to see a tab that lists books I recommend?


  1. I love how organise you are, I'm very impressed. Regarding a tab for recommendations - I don't care how long my tbr list is, I can always add more :-)

  2. Life is a moving target - good on ya for shifting some goals around. I'm convinced it's the best way to stay on top.

    As for book recs, my TBR list grows every day.