Saturday, July 16, 2011

And the finalists are....

So I have compiled a list of publishers. I found most of these on Amazon. My little brother also suggested a few. They all accept unagented submissions. Next step - research the books they publish and learn more about the company in general.

Here are the publishers:

Also, I have added a tab above called "From Penned to Published" where I plan to keep a log of my efforts to get published. I hope this will be helpful to others.

You may be saying to yourself - "Wait, that is a very short list." - I know. This is my first effort so I wanted to focus in on and do a few submissions to get the feel of things.

Question: Do you know of any publishers or sources for finding publishers?


  1. I've made a choice to search for an agent before searching for publishers. If you wanted to do that, you could use agentquery which will help you find an agent that represents your type of book. :)

  2. The Writers' and Artists yearbook lists which publishers accept unagented submissions I believe. It has an overseas section but may be a British edition. I bet there's an American equivalent though.

  3. If you're in the US, Ollie's has the 2010 Writers Market on sale for $3...great resource for finding publishers, agents, long and short story markets.

  4. @Krista M, thanks I have a plan to switch to agents if I don't make any progress with publishers. So I am going to check out agentquery. Thanks!

    @Sarah I am googling writers and artist yearbook now. Thanks for the tip!

    @East Coaster, I had looked at writers market but wasn't sure. But if I can get it for $3 I am so in. Thanks! And yes I am in tje U.S.

  5. Hi, Krista. Nice to meet you. What a great list. Thanks so much for researching that. I'm in my query phase now and this will help for sure. I also heard that Tu Publishing is accepting unagented submissions via snail mail.

    Good luck in your process! :)

  6. @Pk, thanks. I have added Tu publishing to my list.

    Also a note. AgentQuery lists some publishers to - but most of them do not accept unagented submissions.

  7. Krista, I think sharing your adventure and efforts to get your WIP published will help me.

    I've completed one mystery for kids and am now pouring myself into #2 book of my planned series.

    I've met many publishers through Redwood Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club. At meetings & events, publishers have invited our submissions.

    Over and over the advice has been, "Be personal. Publishers are people. Get to know us and follow up with an email reminding us where & when we met."