Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Progress I have made.... 0

I regret to report that I have not made much progress on any of my projects this week.

Shadowed Stones: I am re-working a few of the chapters in the last quarter of the book. I am trying to inject more of a love story based on a beta readers suggestions. Hoping it turns out well.

Three of Ivory: Nothing. I have been thinking of things in my head. And I did take a crack at drawing a map. But the map does not fit with some of the things I want with the story. So I am going to file that away and try again.

Splintered Lands contest entry: Hit a wall. Got right up to the climax of the story and then... nothing. I think I am feeling a little gun shy because it is emotionally charged. And I already know I have to re-work the middle. The deadline is approaching and I really need to get working

So I give myself a B for effort, but my actual grade for this week - F.

The good news is I can only go up from here!

How are your projects going?


  1. Sorry your projects this week, I actually finished my project for the month at 1 am this morning. 50,000 words in 30 days, a novel done. :) Now I can go back to editing my other one.

    I like the thought that projects can only go up from here! :)

  2. Feeling the same Krista, the week started out well, but went downhill fast. We should find some way to push each other on, ideas?

  3. I'm right there with you. I think I wrote 1 paragraph last week. Sometimes that is just the way it goes. :D

  4. Some weeks are just harder than others, especially this time of year. Give me rain, dark evenings, and a cozy fire and I can write for weeks.
    (New follower here.)

  5. I agree. I love the rain. Welcome by the way. Hope you enjoy!

  6. It's just the calm before the storm - it'll all happen when it's ready to :)