Monday, July 4, 2011

My Next Project

I have come to the decision to go ahead with TOI as my next project. I have been so enraptured with my background work that I cannot imagine working on something else. The runner up for my next project, TCOM - will most likely still be written. It is a captivating idea, but is very similar to the book I just finished writing and I would like to do something a little different.


So now that I have selected my next project I am going to reveal its working title. Note that I have also added it to the From My Pen tab.

Three of Ivory

In my post Three Words #1, I mentioned that a friend of mine gave me a list of three words to write a story off of. (Snake, Ring, Bubble) This story grew out of that list. I have a few short pieces I wrote based on this idea. I may post them some day if I can find them in my story box.

Every Friday I will post updates on how the work is going.

Question: I have the name of two of my characters but am not sure about the third. Is Kell to common of a name? It seems very familiar to me.

Normally on Monday's I plan to post the winner of The Mighty Pen award - however, I took care of that yesterday. (And the Winner is...)


  1. I've never heard Kell before except shortened from Kelly so I would say it's original enough! What's the book going to be about?

  2. I think Kell is original for a name! It's not that common, Kellie is more common. I agree with Jen, what's the book gonna be about?

  3. Thanks Jen and Krista, I am going with Kell, although I may make it Kel instead.

    Without giving too much away - the story is about three young people with a special gift in magic that have to defeat an enemy much strong than each alone. They band together and are successful.

    It is going to be a fantasy series, I am thinking 5 books. I also have plans for a follow up series :)

  4. It sounds like you're really into it right now. Clearly you made the right decision.

    I like the name Kell and ti seems unique to me, so... ^.^

  5. My other two characters are brother and sister and have long names. I thought a short name would be a good contrast.

    Kell actually came to me just as I fell asleep for my adternoon nap yesterday. Sleeping and showering are where I get some of my best ideas.

  6. I like to have a fair mix of character names. Some unique, some rare; some short, some long; some classic, some modern; some with nicknames, others without.

    Though I have to admit, I really enjoy giving my characters nicknames. <3

    I like to use dreams as ideas. I once had a dream that ended up inspiring an entire book for me. <3

  7. I like Kell for a name. Is it for a boy or girl? I've heard Kel used for a guy before, but I've never seen Kell used.

    Congrats on starting your new WIP! So exciting! :)

  8. @madmaddij, that is good advise. I have been thinking of doing some short stories on the side while I work on this project.

    @ava, it is for a boy character. That is why I am thinking Kel. Just looks more like a boys name.