Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prompt Tuesday #5

Every Tuesday I post a prompt and a flash fiction piece of my own based on the prompt. Writing prompts are a lot of fun and I often use them to warm up – or to keep up on writing when I am working on editing other projects. Feel free to post your own response. You can easily see other Prompt Tuesdays by clicking on the ling under Tags. Enjoy!


Take the first color that comes to mind and write about someone seeing it for the first time. (Source: Me)


The small round object hummed in her cupped hands. It looked soft and inviting. Pale, yet bright. It made her want to sigh with happiness, and weep with sorrow all at once. As she stared longer at the objects smooth surface she felt calm and at peace. "Not harmful then?" She asked it. She stroked the curing surface and the object purred again. She smiled to herself. "I must name you, for I have seen nothing like you before in my life."

She thought for a long time, wanting to choose the right name for something so special. "Azmablu." She whispered.


  1. Nice flash piece.

    I love and hate writing prompts. I find it easy to start writing based on a prompt but then I get sidetracked because I'm so easily distra... Ooh, squirrels. :D

  2. *laughs until breathing becomes imparitive.* CherylAnne, you are so funny. I love that... Squirrel!