Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prompt Tuesday #4

Time to get prompted! As always here is the prompt and my response. Feel free to comment with your own responses, or thoughts! Also, check out the Prompt Tuesdays link under Tags.


And you thought dragons didn’t exist… (Source: writingforward.com)


"And you thought dragons didn't exist?" Jane asked, astonished. "Where have you been living all your life? The back side of a dung heep?"

John just stared at her blankly.

Jane pointed to the sky. "Look up, you dolt."

John looked up at the swirling mass of white clouds. "I don't see anything but clouds."

Jane rolled her eyes. "You stink at make believe."


  1. "And you thought dragons didn’t exist," I mumbled to my kid brother who was messing around with the skeleton in a lab coat around the corner.

    "Bones don't prove anything. You know they worked years to make up a story about dragons and dinosaurs to keep us in line. Show us how good we have it with animals all being on Safari's."

    I stared at him, "You're not much for museums or animals, are you?"

    "No. Dad paid me $50 to go with you so I could buy the game I wanted."

    My father hated the museum but I never thought he'd dump me on my kid brother. Guess everyone has their price. I grabbed him headed for the exit and he smiled, "Before we go home could we stop at Game Stop?"

    What a jerk.

  2. Jen, I love your response. Made me laugh out loud at work. Yep, got some weird looks which made me laugh again :)

  3. And you thought Dragons didn't exist? Like you thought Unicorns, and elves and fairies didn't exist? You were wrong.

    Like you were wrong when you said I should grow up, no-one would ever listen to my stories?

    I bet you told yourself it was an aeroplane you saw, just before you came home to an empty house, didn't you?

    Wrong again.