Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Three Words #3

On Wednesdays I post a list of three words. Your job is to either use these three words in a story, list some ideas that were inspired by the three words, give me a list of three words to use for next week, or all of the above! To see other Three Words posts, visit the link under Tags.

(Randomly selected from Yahoo Answers.)

Three Words

  • Dog
  • Death
  • Danger

The following are three pieces I wrote in response to comments from last weeks post. Enjoy!

Flash Fiction

Using the Three Words: Quest, Parchment, Lady Bug (from Jen)

Lisel brushed a strand of blonde hair out of her eyes. Her vision cleared she intensified her study of the lady bug. The tiny red and black bug climbed intently up the small twig Lisel had placed in the jar. She had also placed several leaves and a clump of grass in the jar before sealing it with a square of cloth and a string. “Nice and cozy, aren’t you, little lady bug.” Lisel whispered to her new friend.

Just then she heard the sound of someone approaching the door to her room. Quickly she scooped up the jar and hid it under her dirty apron. The door opened and her father walked through it. Lisel drew in her breath at the look on her face. He stepped closer and the jar holding its little treasure slipped through her fingers.

The memory faded and Lisel tore her eyes away from the pile of shattered glass lying on the dust covered floor. The elements had long since claimed the remains of the jars contents. Her eyes drifted around the familiar room. Every where she looked new memories stirred in her mind. She felt the sting of approaching tears and forced herself to pay attention to the task at hand.

She pointed to a writing desk at the far side of the room. “There.” Ashmen, one of her companions moved to inspect the contents of the desk.

While the others were busy searching the room, Malmer took the opportunity to speak with her. “Are you alright mistress?” The old soldier asked, worry creasing his brow.

Lisel nodded. “It was foolish of me to hope that our quest would not lead us here.” Suddenly overcome she moved to the broken window to breathe fresh air. Malmer followed her. “I should have been preparing myself.”

He placed a hand on her shoulder. “Once we have what we came for we can leave, and never return.”

Lisel nodded. “Such is my intention.”

“Is this it M’lady?” Ashmen asked, approaching her with an old rolled parchment.

Carefully Lisel took the parchment from him and unrolled it. Her eyes skimmed over the scribbled lines she found there. She nodded once. “Yes, this is it.” She rolled up the parchment and returned it to Ashmen, who in turn stowed it in his satchel.

“Alright everyone, time to move on. We must reach the cities gate before night fall or we will be spending another night on the plains.” She turned and resolutely left the room, her entourage filing out behind her.

Note: Entered this one in flash fiction contest. Go check it out at Characters Well Met

Using the Three Words: Ring, Fire, Balcony (from K.D.)

Flames licked up the walls all around her. The heat of the fire burned her skin and the light hurt her eyes. She stumbled backward, watching in horror as her chambers were consumed. A portion of the ceiling above her head collapsed. She was showered with ash and embers. She screamed and stepped back even further. Her back collided with something cold and hard. Turning, she found herself standing on the balcony.

With one vain glance at the fire raging behind her, she threw herself over the railing. For one brief moment she was flying. Then her fragile body met with the ground.

She lay, two stories down, broken and bent. Clutched in her lifeless hand she still held the signet ring of her beloved. She would go to join him now in the realm of the dead.

Using the Three Words: Horse, Lampshade, Umbrella (from Sarah Pearson)

“On guard!” I hollered at the top of my 14 year old lungs. My little brother Sam giggled. Then, straightening his lamp shade helmet he stood tall and responded.

“I will defeat you evil misser, with my trusty sword.” He drew the small black umbrella from his belt.

“You will never defeat me. Die hero, die.”

We galloped at each other on our broom stick horses. When we met, the umbrella glanced harmlessly off my pot lid shield. I cried out and fell to the floor. My horse sprawled across me.

“You got me! I am finished.” I closed my eyes and rolled my head to one side. My tongue sticking lamely out of my mouth.

“I won, I won, I won.” Sam chanted, dancing around me.

“Sam! Sara! Dinner!” Our mother called from down stairs.

Sam leaned over me. “Evil misser, does dying make you hungry?”

I cracked open one of my eyes. At the smirk on his face I lost control and burst out laughing. “Come on.” I told him, rising to my feet. “Let’s eat.”


  1. Loved the story using my words! You are so creative! I hope you win the contest, then I can barrow the book form you :)

  2. *gasp* Read the book! No I am going to shrink wrap it a lock it on a safe.

    J/K :)

    I hope I win too so you can borrow the book... After I read it.

  3. Enjoyed these! I'm always impressed with writers of flash fiction. I just can't do short :(

    Best of luck with the competition.

  4. For me the trick to writing short stories is to still have a whole big story and just take a snapshot and write about it.

  5. Wow; you did an awesome job! I'm with Sarah, I haven't had a lot of luck with writing the shorts, but I like your advice on the matter. New here, and I'm glad I found you. :)

  6. Thanks Kimberly, and welcome! Glad you enjoyed my short fiction. I never really thought of myself as anything but novel writer. But I am really enjoying writing shorts!