Friday, August 12, 2011

If Want Something Done...

You have to do it!

Confession: I totally tanked on my goals this week.

But I did realized something this week. I spend lots of time stressing about trying to get everything done. Work, chores, cooking, exercising, taking care of my dear husband, writing, and staying sane. One morning I woke up and realized something. If I took all that worry energy and put it into doing things - I would get a lot done!

I know you are think: Uh, Krista that is so obvious! Or maybe you are like me and this is a revelation. Either way - this is something that I struggle with every day.

So, although I did not do well on my goals this week - I am going to do better next week.

Here are some of the things I did get done this week.

I finished looking through for more publishers. I expected to find like 30-40 publishers. But I found considerably less than that. Probably because I am going the agent-less route. So my attempt to be published on my own may be short lived. However, I am not giving up hope.

I read 40% percent of Tarranau by James Tallett.

I played around with making a Google gadget that would like you use custom images for a status tracker. Like mine on the side bar but easier to manage. I am currently working on trying to test it and get it up where others can use it.

I would love to hear about your success! Even if it is small, like I cooked dinner for my husband tonight! Let me hear what you have done to succeed this week.


  1. It's true that some weeks our writing doesn't go as planned, but I like that you noted all the things you did accomplish. Way to stay positive! Whenever I am immersed in reading someone else's book, I have less time to write. Then I accomplish very little, but it's for a good cause. : )

  2. Good points! If I just actually sat down to do it, things would probably get done. Well... my little success for the week... finished editing one of my novels. That's good for me. :)

  3. I was doing this same thing a couple of weeks ago, stressing about getting everything done. Because I was so stressed, I accomplished nothing. So I decided to not be stressed and to take baby steps instead. The result - more work getting done, even though it is in smaller increments than I wanted. Keep pluging forward and I know you will get there!

  4. I think we're all too hard on ourselves when we don't get everything done. Sometimes we just have to let some things go. Not easy though! Good luck with your goals next week!

  5. Thanks guys for all your support.

  6. Quick update: Got a lot of publisher research done today and have a publishing plan. Now I am going to start preparing my first submission packet.

  7. Well, I have just about got all of our things moved from an apartment and a storage place to our new rental home.
    Taught my nephew how to ride a lawnmower and he got paid to cut the grass tody (& he helped move tons of books).
    Now I'm off to hook up the washer, dryer and put the dining table back together.

  8. Well, I'm on vacation so zero things done. I did manage to relax and have fun, and not tweet while on vacation. Is that an accomplishment? :)

    Btw, I have a blog award for you, so stop by and claim it. :)

  9. @Royce, wow you did get a lot done. I am very familiar with the pains of moving! Moved about a dozen times before my senior year in high school.

    @Cherie, taking a vacation and being able to relax is definitely an accomplishment. And thanks so much for the award. I am flattered!