Friday, August 5, 2011

My Goals

As promised (although late - its a long story that involves a flat tire and waiting for a tow truck) here are my goals. I plan to put up meters on my blog to track my progress.

Because of the state my projects are in, these are going to be general deadline type goals until I can get to a point where I can set finer, weekly goals.

Writing: Three of Ivory, a fantasy series

  • 1. Complete world building and overview series outline by end of August.
  • 2. Complete character related pre-work (work sheets and so on) by end of September.
  • 3. Complete detailed outline of the first book by the end of October.
  • 4. Begin first draft in October.

Publishing: Shadowed Stones, a fantasy novel

  • 1. Research 10 publishers a week.
  • 2. Finish researching publishers by August 20th (no more research after this date!)
  • 3. Have a detailed submission plan by the end of August.
  • 4. Send out first submission by the end of September.
  • 5. Keep up with beta reader edits - finish last round of edits by end of year.

Reading: I have two goals with my reading. First, re-read some of my all time favorites (and review them on good reads). Second, help support other authors that are either new and upcoming, indie or self published, or who I meet or hear about through the electronic grape vine.

  • 1. Read one book from my to-re-read list every month.
  • 2. Read one book from a new upcoming/indie/web sphere author every month.


  1. Fact: You're going to meet and rock every single one of those goals! Any part you're most, or least excited about?

  2. Sorry to hear about your flat tyre!

    I read this post and suddenly a little light bulb came on, why can't I try something similar? It might help my slump to have some self imposed deadlines. Thank you so much for the inspiration :)

  3. Those are great goals! I really need to sit down and make some goals for myself to get more stuff done and reading. I love that you made reading goals too! I hate that my free reading always gets put last and not done. I'll have to work on that. :)

  4. @East Coaster, I like doing the unpleasant tasks first. Not that my goals are unpleasant :)

    @Sarah, I am glad you are inspired :) that is one of my goals for this blog. To inspire others.

    @Krista, I read about reading goals on another blog (can't remember where). I thought it was a great idea - because after all reading is what made me want to write in the first place.

  5. That's really a great idea, I definitely need reading goals. :) Hey another question, what did you use to create the progress images (with the %s) for your works? I've been searching for something like that, but haven't found anything so nice.

  6. I made the myself in gimp. I have learned layer for each step. Then I show the appropriate layer and set the percentage. So there is a bit of manual work involved.

    You know this would make a good post :)

    Stay tuned.