Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prompt Tuesday #10

Writing prompts are a great way to warm up for writing. Even if what you write is not all to wonderful, it is a good way to exercise your brain. Every Tuesday I post a prompt and my response. I encourage you to write a response too. Enjoy!


Start your story with this line: Her laugh broke the silence. (Source: CreativeWritingPrompts.com #343)


Her laugh broke the silence. The sound rang through the halls like a thousand tinkling bells. Those who had never heard the princess laugh paused in their work to enjoy it. Slowly the echo of the laugh faded.

In the throne room the court jester rose from his bow, a triumphant smile on his face. The princess clapped her hands gleefully.

“Again, again!” She pleaded.

The jester shook his head and the tiny bells on his hat tingled. “My dear princess, I am yours to command.” He bowed. He leaned forward until his nose was inches from the floor, then swung his arms wildly. Ducking his head he rolled, landing on his feet.

The princess laughed again and all was right with the world.


  1. Very nice! This prompt actually does with the next scene that I was going to write for "Nameless".

    Her laughter broke the silence. Edom looked up from his serious conversation with Trent as Liora laughed again. The little baby on her lap smiled and gently touched her face. Ever so slightly, his lips curled into a smile and for a second, he forgot his troubles and the pain. He only saw the joy in his little sister. Edom mourned for a moment, dreaming of the happiness that he had lost. He hadn't laughed in so long. The memories faded as he stared into the red flames burning as the children began to dance. It was too late for him.

  2. I love that you incorporated this into your WIP! Once I get to writing TOI I will have to try that.

    Also love the scene by the way.

  3. Her laugh broke the silence. I stared at her, confused.
    "Did you hear what I just said?" I asked.
    "Of course I did. You told a stupid joke."
    "It's not a joke. Tom and Melissa eloped last night. I'm so sorry."
    "Don't be silly, the wedding's in a month. He's at home. It was a stupid joke." She repeated.

    She gazed at the ring on her finger and I saw a single tear land on the diamond. This time she didn't laugh.

  4. This scene is a joy to read! I can just imagine the princess and the jester.

    Also, I've given you some awards at my blog!

  5. @Sarah Pearson Sounds like she is better off without him. Great scene!