Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three Words #9

It's Wednesday. That means its time for me to post three words that (I hope) will inspire you to write a flash fiction piece. Also, feel free to comment with a list of three words for me to use in a story. I will post the story next week. In the meantime, enjoy the story below.

Three Words

  • Bowl
  • Wheat
  • Fray

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Flash Fiction

Using the Three Words: Stone, Branch, Cold (from last week)

She brushed her hand over the cold stone wall. "So close." She whispered to herself.

Ashlynn closed her eyes and leaned her tear streaked face against the smooth surface. "And yet so far."

From behind her, the sound of footsteps drew closer. Spinning around she used her delicate sleeve to wiper her eyes. A guard came marching around the corner. Seeing her he stopped abruptly and bowed.

"Your highness, what are you... are you lost?" He asked in a rough voice.

Ashlynn drew herself up and managed her most authoritative tone with her voice breaking. "Of course not!" She moved toward the man and he moved out of her way, bowing again as she passed.

Ashlynn slipped down the hall until she was sure she was out of site. Then, diving in to a dark hallway that branched off to the right, she doubled back. This time she came out on the other side of the cells.

She approached one an looked through the grate in the door

"Torin." She said in harsh whisper.

There was a stirring from within the cell. Torin's, dirty and blood layered face appeared in the faint light.

"Ashlynn." He moaned and reached his shackled hands to wrap around hers where the gripped the grate. "You should not be here."

Fresh tears spilled from her eyes. She shook her head violently. "I do not care. This may be our last chance." Words failed her and she lapsed into silence.

"You must go." He urged her. "You have more to protect than your own life."

"What life will we have with you gone!"

He hushed her. "A life, not matter how empty, is better than the dark grave."

"I rather go to the grave with you, than live one hour without you." Ashlynn sobbed.

More footsteps. "Go!" Torin called. Ashlynn refused to move, keeping her eyes locked on his.

A figure came to stand behind her. Torin moved his eyes to look and the expression on his face changed. Ashlynn turned slowly.

There, holding a torch and the large ring of dungeon keys, was Meave, Ashlynn's step mother. Without a word the woman held out the iron ring to Ashlynn. She took it, to stunned to do anything else.

"Free him." Meave ordered, her voice rough as though she had been crying.

Still recovering from this act of kindness from her enemy, Ashlynn dumbly obeyed. Torin's shackles fell to the ground and he wrapped his large arms around her.

Torin turned to the Meave. "Why?" He asked her.

She laughed darkly at them. "You forget that once I was young too. And though you may think me hard a cruel now, I was once tender and innocent. I was once in love." She paused, something unreadable on her face.

"Go. Take your young bride, and go. Live a long and happy life far away from those who would tare if from you."

Ashlynn and Torin watched in silenced as their benefactor left them. Ashlynn turned to Torin.

"I feel I have been unfair to her."

Torin took her face in his hands. "We she remember her fondly to make up for it."


  1. Aww, I love a happy ending :)

    How about compass, rose and elephant for next week. I'm in a mischievious mood!

  2. Ooo great words. Can't wait to use them!

  3. I sat, apart from the others, my bowl empty. I had no intention of joining the fray in the fight for what scant gruel had been provided.

    I knew something they didn't. That the wheat used to make the gruel wasn't like other wheat. It had been altered.

    They would know it too. Soon.