Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Mighty Pen #9

The Mighty Pen writing contest is held every Thursday. I post the beginning of a story, you post your ending in the comments. I judge all the entries on style, voice, imagery, humor, and pretty much anything else I think is important. Entries are open until Sunday night. On the following Monday I present the winner with The Mighty Pen award and feature them on my blog.

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The Beginning

Navigating through the twirling mass of bodies proved more difficult than I expected. More than once I feared for the hem of my gown. I tried to keep my eyes locked on his tall frame, but it was fruitless.

He too, weaved his way through the crowded room. Often I lost sight of him in the sea of unfamiliar faces. Just when I would despair of ever finding him again I would catch a glimpse and press on.

When finally I emerged into the empty space beyond the throng, I was flushed and gasping for breath. There. I saw him and called out...


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  2. @Summer Ross I liked your entry and it is still in consideration for the award.

  3. "Father wait, it's me, Marie. Please stop."
    He did stop then, and turned to look at me. His eyes held mine briefly before he dropped his gaze. Then, he turned and rushed away.

    I don't know what I had expected, but it was not that. Taken by surprise, I froze for a few seconds. Not long, but long enough for him to disappear into the crowd of newcomers arriving to join the party.

    Slowly, I returned to find my Mother. She would be holding court as usual, probably wouldn't even have noticed my sudden departure. If she had, what would I tell her? Not the truth, not here. The wake for my Father was not the place to tell my Mother that I had just seen him, and he did not wish to talk to me.

  4. Wow! That is cool ending. Very spooky. :)