Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Prompt Tuesday #9

It is time once again for Prompt Tuesday, where I post a writing prompt and my response.


Write from the point of view of a stack of paper a few inches from the shredder. (Source: CreativeWritingPrompts.com #345)


The spinning blades of oblivion are close. Close enough that I can feel the air move, disturbed by their hungry churning. Oh! To be torn apart, ripped to shreds, destroyed. It is a terrible fate. If only my blank and empty spaces had been more inviting. If only the worlds scribbled upon my surface had been more inspired. Perhaps I would have been spared. But alas, I am doomed because the words I hold are no longer wanted.


  1. Oh, now that's a different subject!

  2. What an awesome prompt! And I love your response. I might feel bad next time I shred paper. ;)

  3. Poor paper, hopefully it will get recycled into something even greater ;)

  4. Glad you liked it. I am enjoying these prompts. It is fun to try and write from odd perspectives.