Monday, August 1, 2011

Announcing the Winner of The Mighty Pen Award

It is time for me to announce this weeks winner of The Mighty Pen award:

CherylAnne Ham

To see the winning entry check out the tab above. I love how CherylAnne's ending was open ended. Leaving hints of a bigger story.

CherylAnne has a great blog over at Making Words Happen. I think you should head on over and check it out. I especially like her post Why Do you Blog.

P.S. If anyone would like to join my blog roll, just leave me a comment! Thanks!


  1. Very nice ending! Congrats Cheryl Anne!

  2. Yes, congrats! That's very awesome!

  3. Thanks Cherie and Peggy and thanks to you Krista! And a BIG thanks for linking to my blog, too. That filled me with warm-fuzzies. :D

  4. You are welcome for the warm-fuzzies. I like warm-fuzzies.

  5. Hi Krista. I couldn't find an email address on your blog. Do you have one? I want to ask you something. *grins sheepishly* If you don't have a "Public" email to give out, mine is if you want to drop me a line. :D

  6. Sent upu an email. I have plans to add my email to my profile but keep forgetting :)