Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Mighty Pen #8

The Mighty Pen writing contest is held every Thursday. I post the beginning of a story, you post your ending in the comments. I judge all the entries on style, voice, imagery, humor, and pretty much anything else I think is important. Entries are open until Sunday night. On the following Monday I present the winner with The Mighty Pen award and feature them on my blog.

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The Beginning

The air caught my wings and with one giant leap I was airborne. To fly again was ecstasy. Below me the world fell away and the sky embraced me. Freedom, sweet freedom. For I moment I reveled in the flight. Than...


  1. I so want to write something, but all I can think about is maximum ride and I don't want to be a copy-cat, lol!

  2. Then a shudder ripped through my body. My back wrenched and arched in pain. My body writhed as I plummeted toward the jagged terrain below. I held my breath, waiting for the next shape to take my body. I prayed that it could handle the landing. my balance changed as my arms and legs dissolved and scales replaced skin. End over end I tumbled. The changes came faster. A cat, a lizard, a rat. The ground was quickly approaching. I mustered every last ounce of concentration and energy I had, to block the pain and focus on something that could withstand the collision. With only feet left to spare I felt another shudder. I hit the ground before I realized what I had changed to.
    Not my finest change, but I had survived. Only a cockroach would. I felt the numbness in my extremities that meant I was retaking my human form.
    As I lay crumpled on the ground, paralyzed from the pain and exhaustion, I wondered how long it would take for someone to realized I was gone. And how much longer to guess which way I had gone. And wondered if I wanted them to find me and take me back.

  3. Then I suddenly felt a huge impact on my left side. The pain tore through my body and I began to tumble through the air, spinning out of control, my wings broken and limp.

    A strange calm overtook me, with flight now impossible I realised my fate was sealed. To ingeniously escape from one captor only to be crushed at the hands of an unseen enemy really was a pain in the proverbial backside.

    I plummeted toward the giant window I had come to know so well. I reminisced on how I often used to press my face up against the glass and enviously stare at the privileged beings as they sat and shovelled their freshly cooked food into their fat gluttonous faces, while I was left to satisfy my hunger on the rotting scraps outside.

    But now the window was open, I was falling straight toward it; finally, in my final seconds of life I would gain access to that hallowed place, ‘So long cruel world’ I screamed as I rapidly approached the surface of the table next to the window, I braced for impact. Wait, is that soup? If only I’d learnt to......

    ‘Yes, well John is doing rather well you know’ Said the woman as she picked up her spoon from the restaurant table. She stared down at her bowl of Pea and Ham soup which the waiter had just brought over and hesitated. A look of displeasure spread over her face.

    ‘Excuse me...Waiter’ she said, beckoning the small smartly dressed man over to the table.

    ‘Is there a problem madam?’ he asked attentively.

    ‘Yes, there appears to be a fly in my soup’