Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Special Update: Short Story Contest Results

So, I have finally heard the results of the story contest.

I didn't win. But before you feel to horrible bad for me - there is still one chance for me to win. Splintered Lands is going to post the other entries and allow readers to vote on them. So, if your interested you could head over and read them and vote (once they are posted).

And, just so you know - if I don't win the contest I have plans to revamp the story and pull it out of the Splintered Lands world and reuse it else where.

I may even post the re-vamped story here. So all is not lost!

Also, don't forget to check out my usual Wednesday post below.


  1. Crossing fingers for you. And when they post yours, let us know so we can vote for your piece! ;)

  2. I agree, let us know when we can vote! I'd love to help you out! :)

  3. Thanks. You are so supportive. It's great to have writing friends :)