Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three Words #10

Three Words is I writing game I like to play. I post three words and encourage you to use them in a story. I also like to get comments with lists of three words for me to try and write a story with. So every week I post a story using either the three words from the previous week, or a story using your three words.

Just a note, I played around with using a random word generator. Did not like that much. So I just think of three words and post them. :)

Three Words

  • Arm
  • Sash
  • Pearl

P.S. I got some blog awards from the amazing Cassandra. Stop by Friday to see them and find out who I will be passing them along to. :)

Flash Fiction

Using the Three Words: Compass, Rose, Elephant (from Sarah Pearson)

The massive elephant swayed beneath me with a calming rhythm. For a moment I relished in the familiar sensation of moving in sync with the magnificent animal. I had spent far to long away from the land I called home.

The caravan slowly came to stop. "Rose?" My guide, Rafi, called to me. "The path forks here. North or West?" He asked me in his heavily accented voice. The deep exotic tones sent a thrill up my spine.

I pulled my fathers warn, golden plated compass from its place in my pocket. Then I rummaged in my pack for my map and spread it across the back of my elephant mount. Using the compass I oriented the map and found our location.

"North!" I called to Rafi.

"Yes ma'am."

The caravan started moving again. I looked at the jungle around me. Took in the sights and smells like a half starved man eating a feast. Just a few more hours and we would arrive. A few more hours and I could have answers to all of my burning questions.

A few more hours.


  1. Okay, time for you to go urban - Mac & Cheese, People Magazinge, and Chevy Nova. I seriously can't wait to see what you do :)

  2. Love the way you used Rose as the name, very smart! I was going to think of something fiendish for next week but I think Jen has done it for me :-)

    This would be a good start for a novel.

  3. @J. A. Bennett Gah! You got me. Okay I will go urban.... but I don't promise not to make it urban fantasy :)

  4. @Sarah Pearson Yes, Jennie is very fiendish. Sigh. But she is a good friend.

    I was thinking the same thing! I should save all of these flash fiction pieces so I can turn them into novels some day.

  5. This is a great writing exercise! (If I weren't at work, I could probably do it!)

  6. Great little story! I love Jen's suggestion for next week. I hope you use those words. :D